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30 December 2005 @ 11:42 pm
lanruoj etadpu  
i fucking hate horror movies these days, they are ALL THE SAME , i swear, the plot, omg heres one , no wait , heres all of them:
a bunch of stupid WHITE+1 TOKEN BLACK PERSON are lost in the middle of nowhere + wierd eery town - COMMON SENSE TO LEAVE THE DAMN PLACE= a bunch of dead people and the only survivor, A WHITE PERSON, wooooooow + an "eeery ending to leave the audience wondering for a sequel"
Why cant horror movies be like the golden age when plots meant something, when special effects werent a big deal, but the suspense and tension was the major reason you had to leave the theatre EARLY cus you were gonna shit your pants.
i have to admit, there were some movies that did make my top ten best horror movies, but because movie makers cant be SMART ENOUGH TO MAKE THE AUDIENCE WONDER WHATS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT some movies you like may not be on my list. dear god i swear, kids today are totally tainted for the realness of horror, like wtf is up with all the stupid white folks in the movies that end up dieing, plus the fact that they have to throw in a fad famous person of that generation to generate publicity.
so here is my top ten,which includes, but is not limited to , as follows: "movie title=plot=why i loved it..
if you have never heard of them, PICK UP A BOOK , BASTARDS!

::drumroll please::

NUMBA 10: THE BLANCHEVILLE MONSTER (1963)=An insane Englishman has buried his daughter alive.
An atmospheric and gothic melodrama combining murder, madness and a family curse.= This movie was a bit cliche for its time but its a timeless classic that even grandma can enjoy .

NUMBA 9 : THE BLOB (1958)=After Steve Andrews, (McQueen), and Jane,witness a meteor
crashing down to earth, a man finds the meteor, prods it with a stick and
a small phlegm like substance inside attaches itself to his arm. Steve and
Jane take the man to the doctor's house, but the now much bigger creature consumes
the doctor and his nurse before escaping into the night. The Blob continues to grow by gorging upon
the town's inhabitants, where its biggest meal is provided by a theatre audience watching The Daughter
of Horror. Eventually the giant blob is immobilised by being frozen and flown to the Arctic.= i love the fact that it was soo low budget, should make you think that you dont need tons of bucks to make a great movie, plus the blob looked like silly putty MY GOD I LOVE SILLY PUTTY

NUMBA 8: BLOOD BATH (1966)= Demented painter Antonio Sordi,who is possessed by a fifteenth century vampire ancestor,
drinks the blood of his models, dunks them in boiling wax and then paints them. At the same time he
manages to have a normal relationship with a girl, but eventually the wax corpses come to life and kill him. = its an original vampire film and who cant resist a vampire?? i know you cant!

NUMBA 7: BLOODLUST (1961)= he perverse Dr. Balleau, hunts his human prey with a bow and arrow. Having killed them he keeps the corpses in glass tanks. = this movie was basically the inspiration for great horror films of today. plus i love a good hunt.lol

NUMBA 6: AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS (1973)= Charles Fengriffin, marries Catherine, (Beecham), and takes her to live in his
ancestral home. Catherine starts seeing a portrait painting come to life and a hideously
disfigured man keeps appearing who has a striking resemblance to Silas, (Whitehead), the estates'
woodsman. A family curse is responsible for the apparitions made many years ago when Charles's grandfather, raped the wife of Silas's grandfather and severed his hand off when the woodsman hit him trying to protect
his wife. The curse states that the first virgin bride to enter the home of Fengriffin shall bear the woodsman's child.
Catherine becomes pregnant and gives birth to a child with no hand on one arm.= THIS MOVIE OWNZ total freak out from begining to end, it might not be your fav BUT GODDAMN IT YOU WILL BOW TO ITS HORRIFIC BEAUTY buahahahha

NUMBA 5 : ANGELI BIANCHI…ANGELI NERI (1969) = A documentary on contemporary witchcraft. = Its nice to know what witches are doing these days.LMAO ITS 1969!!hhahhahaahh anyways , its good.

NUMBA 4: BACK FROM THE DEAD (1957) = A girl, on her honeymoon becomes possessed by the spirit of her husband's first wife. The evil Father Renall,the head of a Black Magic cult, is responsible for the possession in preperation for a human sacrifice. = DONT FUCK WITH A NIGGA'S EX WIFE . HOLLA!

NUMBA 3 : THE BAD SEED (1956) = An adopted eleven year old girl,who is inherently evil, drowns a little boy at a picnic because he won a writing prize,and also burns the half-witted gardener to death when he suspects her of the murder. Her mother,finds out about her daughter's murderous activities and tries to kill her. Eventually nature steps in and the girl is struck by lightning.= lots of remakes prove the original rocked the socks off of all of you!!

NUMBA 2: CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED (1962) = Six children,with exceptionally high IQ's are gathered from around the world by a child psychologist,and his associate for a special UNESCO. project in London, but when the individual governments realise the potential of their progeny they try to get them back. However, the children stay in an old disused church and use their immense powers to destroy anyone who might harm them. As it becomes apparent that the youngsters are from the future, and can pass on any information to each other telepathically, the governments of the world authorise a plan to destroy them. = KIDS MAKE HORROR MOVIES SCARIER, kids are scary in general anyways LOL

and of course the NUMBA ONE HORROR MOVIE OF ALL TIME(my time ,anyways)

ROSEMARY'S BABY (1968)= Guy,and Rosemary,rent an apartment in an old house in New York City that they later discover has a sinister reputation.Their extremely friendly neighbours with whom Guy becomes ever more involved are actually satanists who convert Guy with the promise of personal success as an actor. That night Rosemary suffers an agonising nightmare in which she dreams she is raped by a demon,and is later surprised to discover that she is pregnant. When she confides to an old friend, (Evans), of her suspicions he investigates the building's history, but suffers a mysterious coma and dies before he can tell Rosemary what he discovered. Meanwhile the neighbours become increasingly more involved with her pregnancy,until the day she gives birth and she is abruptly told that the baby has died. Creeping into the upstairs apartment that is filled with strangers, Rosemary sees her child in a crib dressed in black with an inverted crucifix hanging above it. Taking the child in her arms, Rosemary accepts her fate as the mother of the antichrist. = it actually is funny for our times but back in the day, you woulda shit your self silly knowing homegirl had a demon child,careful what you spawn!!lol

(summary courtesy of http://www.mshepley.btinternet.co.uk/a50.htm)
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